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Mosotho Woman playing a traditional instrument
Xhosa Woman in Lesotho
Mosotho Grandmother
Xhosa Woman wearing traditional clothes in Lesotho
Mosotho Elder
Mosotho Grandmother with Basket
Basotho Shepherds on the move
Basotho Shepherds playing handmade instruments
Young Mosotho Shepherd
Mosotho Elder playing a Lesiba, traditional instrument
Xhosa Grandmother
Mosotho Shepherd
Stylish Mosotho Woman
Trying a Jackal skin Hat
Joy shared by a Mosotho Woman
Mosotho Shepherd with his handmade Banjo
The handmade hat is a fashion statement for this Mosotho Shepherd
A snowy trek for this Mosotho Shepherd and his animals
The road beckons to the young Mosotho Boy
Exuberance in Culture sharing
Mpho peeps over the Wall
Warm Motibo in the Maluti Mountains
Marabaraba Concentration
Mosotho Traditional Healer
Being the Jackal
Angel in Store
That's me?
Mosotho Children learning Stick Fighting
All is perception
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Xhosa Woman wearing traditional clothes in Lesotho